About us


Our ambition is to be synonymous with trust, innovation and professionalism for our customers, colleagues and partners.


At HealthPharma we are driven by our passion to improve your quality of life with innovative, top quality products and services in the health and beauty sectors, combined with excellent service and expertise.

Core Values
Our daily activities are  guided by our precious core values which help us to accomplish our vision, mission and objectives:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Communication with sincerity, transparency and positivity
  • Continuous Development
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
Our Identity

Our logo was designed in 2009.
HealthPHARMA is a combination of two words, Health and PHARMA from “pharmaceutical”, and essentially outlines our core operations and orientation.
The two dynamically interacting shapes (known as Reuleaux triangles) symbolize the core values driving our development and services to you: innovation, continuous development and teamwork.
Light blue expresses our sincerity and positive communication that we aspire to be at the center of our interactions with you, our valued customer.
The dark blue colour reminds us to try always our best with professionalism in exceeding your expectations and building trust.
Light grey symbolise responsibility and integrity, vital elements of who we are.

    We are committed to provide you with tried and tested products that work so that you experience optimum benefits and results. That is why we ensure that our comprehensive range of professional products have well documented results in real life and are based on many years of rigorous medical and scientific studies.
  • top quality
    You deserve to have the best. That is why our multi-disciplinary team carefully researches and selects brands with quality in mind. With us you can always be sure to find the absolute best. Products that are produced with top quality, advanced medical grade ingredients to give you the absolute best without compromising safety.
    With over 25 years presence in the market we have formed a strong multi-disciplinary team with expertise to address your unique needs and expectations. We have also developed long established collaborations with top quality doctors, pharmacists and beauticians, so that we can provide you with first-class references for professional advice and treatments, according to your chosen brands.
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