The Citrate Peeling System from Neostrata is a weekly treatment peel that delivers advanced anti-ageing benefits to visually improve skin imperfections for more radiant, healthy-looking skin. This home peeling system boosts and prolongs the action of professional treatments and is ideal for acne and photoaging, is it renews the skin texture, reduces pore size and helps to fade dark spots. Clinically shown to improve skin clarity, brightness, texture and radiance. 20% blend of Glycolic Acid and antioxidant Citric Acid.  Apply to cleansed skin and rinse off with a gentle cleanser after 3 hours maximum or before, if they cause any irritation to the skin.

The product package allows for 8 treatments as it contains 8 pads of 1,5 ml Citriate Solution and 8 sachets of 2 g Bionic Face Cream.


A 20% blend of Glycolic Acid and antioxidant Citric Acid.


Aqua/Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Arginine, Ammonium Hydroxide.


To begin with, thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face and pat it dry gently. The following step is to swipe the pad of NeoStrata Skin Active Repair Citriate Home Peeling System onto the skin of the face, focusing on the problematic areas and avoiding those with more sensitivity. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with abundant water. Repeat the treatment weekly. In case of any symptoms of irritation appear, such as redness, itching or stinging, remove the product immediately from the skin.

Neostrata® SkinActive

Citriate Treatment System

8 treatments

A high-strength weekly home peeling system for experienced AHA users that delivers advanced anti-ageing benefits to visually improve skin imperfections, texture, clarity, wrinkles and blackheads for more radiant, healthy looking skin.


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